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Biocomics: Narrative Erasure as an Illustration of Industrial Biocapital


Ian Ross, 2011.

In When Species Meet, Donna Haraway explores in depth the interactions of technology, the human species, and other biological entities within the context of modern American economic, social, and industrial constructs.  Like her previous work in cyborg feminism, Haraway here claims that the interaction of human and other biological organisms creates a system in which the two become inescapably entangled in both their biological and technological existences, especially regarding the human/pet relationship as that of “companion species”. Haraway is concerned here with the ramifications which the pervading material and semiotic practices of what she calls “Biocapital” can have upon the bio/technological interactions which humanity engages in every day, such as animal testing, the purebred industry, etc. Biocapital refers to the growing industrial and economic forces based upon patenting and marketing biological processes, information, and eugenics.  In response, Haraway paints a picture of the ways in which these trends affect the condition of companion species, infoldings of flesh, and other cyborg relationships by closely examining the biological/historical contexts in which these relationships are forged and grown, as well as the ramifications and consequences of birthing consumer products within those contexts. Read more

Juhasz essay online at Media Fields

September 19th, 2011

James Tobias

Follow this URL to read Alex Juhasz on her recent work.

We’ll be discussing this essay at an upcoming workshop prior to her visit.

Reviewing Rodarte: Topographies of Collaborative Thinking


Rodarte. States of Matter. March to May 2011. Installation. Museum of Contemporary Art Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles.

April Durham, 2011

The installation of the work of fashion and costume designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy (Rodarte) at MOCA-Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood represents a departure from the usual displays of fashion seen at fine art institutions in the recent past. Art world curatorial projects with fashion designers have resulted in an often-unsatisfying collision of designer labels within the institutionally separate but perhaps not so different (from the high-end shopping district) space of the museum. For example, the joint project between Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton) and Takashi Murakami for MOCA in 2007 resulted in a “product line” of wallpapers, handbags and day-minders that neither reinvented nor really disrupted the LV label, the Murakami oeuvre, or the curatorial habits of the museum. Because States of Matter is conceived as a hypertextual activation of synchronous and divergent narrative maps that link the “clothes,” the relationships among the collaborators, and the space of the museum and the city, this “fashion show” represents a significant reconsideration of the rendezvous between art contexts and fashion designs. Read more

Great news!


We’re happy to announce that CDH has been awarded a Mellon Workshop Grant for the coming academic year.

This grant will allow us to present invited speakers on research topics relevant to our interests.

We’re currently planning events and are hoping members will help us organize events for each quarter.

Get in touch about organizing events this year.  We’ll be announcing upcoming events on the site.