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Spring Break from Mark Marino at USC

April 17th, 2013

April Durham

This was sent to me via the SLSA listserv. Thought it might be interesting for some.
April is the cruelest month in my academic year, so if you’re like me you might enjoy this new netprov Rob Wittig and I have put together.
It’s called The Center for Twitzease Control and focuses on infectious language games spread virally over Twitter.  Each day new word games are launched from the center, and new ones are emerging and mutating.
We’re playing the games today through April 20th.  You can follow the twitter hashtag #ctwitzc or the account @ctwitzc.
This netprov features 2 Twitter bots, one by Mark Sample and the other by Brandan Howell.
[For more on netprovs, this article might help:]
Mark and Rob